Max Hingston


Perth, WA, Australia

Max has 6 years of intensive dance training at competition level.
This includes 6 years of tap and hip hop, including “boys only” groups at competition and performance level, as well as ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and hip hop for 3 years in a
competition/ performance troupe * often as the “solo” boy feature amid a troupe of girls.
Max returned to dance, at Silhouette Dance Studio, to study several disciplines; hip hop, tap and musical theatre.

Max was awarded the coveted Rosalie Primary School leadership award for his 2018 graduating year: 
“This student is incredibly organized and displays maturity beyond their years.
When there is a job to do, you can always count on this student to do a brilliant job of it.
Whether it be helping to keep everything quiet and calm backstage during the pantomime or holding the gate open for a bus full of teachers and students, this student is always the perfect helper and leader.
In the classroom, he leads by example by always doing his best efforts, earning him great respect from everyone at Rosalie Primary School.
The 2018 Leadership Award goes to Max Hingston."
Max enjoys being "on the stage" and behind the scenes - contributing to creating drama pieces.
He has fun doing stop motion animation and editing short clips/ films for himself and for projects.
He plays basketball and rides his bike. His spends quite a bit of time creating – things like helmets (costumes) and recently, puppets.

Max listens to music from the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's - now, or anything diverse! Everybody (including Max!) loves his long locks!

Age Range:14-22
Eye Colour:  Hazel
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Hair Type:Curly
Height:5 ft 11 cm/180 cm
Waist:32 in/82 cm
Weight:75 kg/165 lbs