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Walks Talent Management is a business located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
We take pride in finding work for Actors/Actresses, Models, Promotional and Voice overs.
We specialize in experience Talent, or if you are starting out we will help guide you towards what you are looking for.
We also look after Talent Nationally, so you don't have to be based on the Gold Coast to join our team.

At Walks Talent Management we also offer services such as building your portfolio, have a Show-reel of your skills on film, Professional headshot's and a Self-Tape.

If you wish to join our team, please fill out the Application Form or feel free to email or give me a call.

Drago Lazetich

Anett Roll

Sabina Garley

Sea McManus

Isabel Zhang

Lucas Dunstan

Briellyn Bond

Tyler Diplock

Elizabeth Todd

Amit Saini

Flavius Chiriac

Sophia Rose Mills

Zaid Seker

Indya Burford

Savanna Burford

Grace Du Prie

Gloria Gracia

Nicolas Noe

Josephine Dino

Loretta Haldane

Addelyn Watmore

Dragonia Heisenberg

Jessica Wilkinson

Britany Dentry

Jake Grey

Anya Peterson

Max Hingston

Rachel Foucar

Kristy Patterson

Get Started To Acting (Online)

Shane Mallory

Accent Coach (Online)

Unfortunately no agency can promise you work, as it depends if you are suitable for any upcoming role's that you my be submitted for.

Walks Talent Management is a Agency that submits jobs for their Talent, for any upcoming roles that may be suitable.
We also guide you in helping create more opportunities for yourself, as well as offer service's such as, Show-Reels, Self-Tapes and Head-shots for your portfolio.

No, not at all.
If you are a new Talent, we will guide you into what you need to do, and help you build credits for your profile.

Yes, there are fees.
There is an administration fee that is paid annually.

We do a lot of background work to try to get out talent auditions, as well as helping the Talent build their profile/portfolio.

Walks Talent Management not only helps get auditions, but we are also there to help you get the most out of yourself and improve your auditions by answer any questions you may have that will help you for the future.

Prices are as follows...
$60 for 16 years and under.
$90 for 17 years and over.
These prices are annually.

Walks Talent Management also earns 10% Commission from work we get you.
Please fill out the Main application form on the website.
We will notify you by email or phone if you have been accepted for Representation.

We would love to give anyone a chance in this industry.
However we can only accept Talent suitable for us.
We are looking for all kind of looks and sizes, however we can only have a certain amount of Talent with the same characteristics so we dont have too much Talent with the same criteria.