Lucas Dunstan


Sydney, NSW, Australia

Luca is located in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
He loves to play rugby union and loves to spend time with his mates.
Luca also enjoys playing the piano and has been receiving lessons from the last eight years.

When Luca was eleven years old, he got his first ever audition for a local production called “Nit Boy” It was a stage-adaptation of a Tristan Bancks book of the same name.
He went in for the main character, but he wasn’t suitable for that role, so instead of sending him away the director Anouska Gammon asked him to read off the script for a different character that was a king, she told him to “read it as if he was the prime minister”, He did and got the part.

Luca thoroughly enjoyed his experience while working on that production and his love for acting sparked.

A year later, he received a casting call from the same director that had just started her company Byron Casting, it was for a feature film named “Bosch & Rockit” directed by Tyler Atkins.
Luca went in to read for a small speaking role who was a bully but he was asked to stay behind and come back to read a different character at the end of all the other actors auditions.
He stayed behind and read for the part of a different bully and got it.

A couple of months later, he saw a Casting Call for another theatre production by the name of “Puss In Thongs” he went in and auditioned and got the part of a doctor.
Halfway into rehearsals of Puss in Thongs, Luca asked the director, Danica Taylor, if he could try his character with a Scottish accent as he was trying to learn the accent, and when he did everyone loved it, so he kept it for the performance.

These are just a few stories of how Luca got his roles and how he made some friends along the way and would love to work with many others.

Eye Colour:  Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length:Short
Hair Type:Wavy
Height:5ft 10in /178cm    
Waist:29in / 75cm
Weight:95kgs / 209lbs