Drago Lazetich


Sydney, NSW, Australia

Drago Lazetich is an award-winning director and was born in Yugoslavia and grew up in California and studied theatre arts, acting techniques such as method, meisner and with the legendary film-maker Roger Corman.

Drago's web series, Wise Hit! a kung-fu comedy and a number one hit online showing 19 episodes kicked off careers for new actors and creators.

For cinematic and television show roles, in his acting career, Drago has worked in numerous productions (it could be well over 60).

The latest being the lead for Shanghai Story, release in 2021 and directed by Andrej IIiev, and in China's The Eight Hundred (Ba Bai) which topped the world-wide box-office chart with nearly $440 million! Drago played the lead foreign actor, directed by Hu Guan, and released in 2020.          

For his own independent film work as a writer, director and producer, Little Milo has had much success in international film festival's, having one of his students win best actor for his lead role.

Drago endeavors to have more of his own students (whom has had training in his acting on film work-shops) to participate in his future film projects.   

Eye Color:  Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length:Short
Hair Type:Wavy
Height:6ft 2in/190 cm
Waist:38 In/98cm
Weight:95kgs/210 lbs

The Eight Hundred 
(Tony, American War Journalist and Gambler)
The Eight Hundred/Drago Lazetich Show-Reel
Shanghai Story 
(Leading Role)
Wise Hit
Directed, Produced, Wrote, Starred Drago Lazetich
Wise Hit Trailer