Jake Grey


Perth, WA, Australia

Jake is a new Actor from Perth in Western Australia.
He has been an Extra in the ABC Series The Height on Season 2 and also a
Short Film.

Jake loves his Cosplay, he developed a cracked speech pattern from when he
was young from a bad stutter, but he also has a penchant for Character voices
such as Stitch, Mr Burns, Cleveland Brown, Mrs Doubtfire as well as many

As Jake hasn’t had any Major roles yet, he would love the opportunity to show
off his Talent as an Actor and Voice Artist. 

Eye Colour:  Hazel
Hair Colour: Bleached
Hair Length:Long
Hair Type:Curly
Height:6 ft 2 cm/187 cm
Waist:36 in/91 cm
Weight:80 kg/176 lbs