Jessica Wilkinson


Perth, WA, Australia 

I am a Perth-Based Voice Over/Actress.
I has studied at Curtin University (bachelor of arts-theatre arts), where I developed a passion for the stage and film industry.
Whilst enhancing this craft, I became particularly interested in voice acting and have since been cast in several animated and online productions.
Working on these roles has given me the opportunity to explore various accents and characters.

I have performed in numerous theatre productions, both musical and contemporary.
During my time in theatre, I have also worked behind the camera and stage to encompass the full spectrum of what goes into making each performance a success.

I am an exuberant character who’s hobbies and interests outside of the acting industry range from kitesurfing to obtaining my private pilot’s License.
The creative side of my personality is also shown through my keen interest in illustration and singing.
I consciously strive to go the extra mile every day in everything I do and try to make atleast one person smile each day.

Eye Color:  Grey/Blue
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Hair Length:Medium/Long
Hair Type:Straight
Height:5 ft 8 in/176 cm
Waist:25 in/63 cm
Weight:65 kg/143 lbs
Dress Size:8-10

Jessica Wilkinson Intro Video

Jessica Wilkinson Voice-Over 1

Jessica Wilkinson Voice-Over 2