Unfortunately no agency can promise you work, as it depends if you are suitable for any upcoming role's that you my be submitted for.

Walks Talent Management is a Agency that submits jobs for their Talent, for any upcoming roles that may be suitable.
We also guide you in helping create more opportunities for yourself, as well as offer service's such as, Show-Reels, Self-Tapes and Head-shots for your portfolio.

No, not at all.
If you are a new Talent, we will guide you into what you need to do, and help you build credits for your profile.

Yes, there fees.
There is an administration fee.

We also do a lot of background work that this fee helps cover as organizing auditions aswell as helping the Talent build their profile and help get the best out of the Talent.

Walks Talent Management not only helps get auditions, we are there to help you get the most out of yourself and answer any questions you may have.

Prices are as follows...
$60 for 16 years and under.
$90 for 17 years and over.

Walks Talent Management also earns 10% Commission from work we get you.
Please fill out the Main application form on the website.
We will notify you by email or phone if you have been accepted for Representation.

We would love to give anyone a chance in this industry.
However we can only accept Talent suitable for us.
We are looking for all kind of looks and sizes, however we can only have a certain amount of Talent with the same characteristics so we dont have too much Talent with the same criteria.